Information Security

We offer broad range of Information security services, such as:

Security penetration tes

A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated cyber attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. .

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is the "cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating" software vulnerabilities.

Security compliance to ISO 27001 or PCI DSS.

ISO 27001 is an international standard, with worldwide recognition, which lays down the requirements for the establishment of an information security management system.

Application performance test.

The goal of performance testing is to appraise any user experience in realistic scenarios on your target application. ... It's a professional approach to evaluating the performance of an application. It requires the simulation of real load scenarios running against your target applications or websites.

Security hardening

In computing, hardening is usually the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability, which is larger when a system performs more functions; in principle a single-function system is more secure than a multipurpose one